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Since the release of Virtual Insanity in 1996 Jay Kay has been known for standing out as a modern funky white boy. Among his influencers are Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Bob Marley, among others. Jay Kay was the weird kid that made it to MTV, when it was still cool, and opened our minds with such video that is Virtual Insanity that disparages modern ways and broadened our minds to play with perspective, minimalism and big hats. Jamiroquai hasn’t performed on the states since 2005, the band remained active mostly in Europe, South America and even Australia. After a total concert inactivity from 2013 through 2017, this year he finally comes back to the U.S. and tickets sold out pretty quick in NYC.

Among other of the band’s most famous songs are Alright, Cosmic Girl, Canned Heat and Space Cowboy, which mostly peaked in the 90’s. But there are other titles deserving of such recognition for its lyrics, melody and originality. Here are some of the best underrated songs from the “Space Cowboy” that long time Jamiroquai lovers and new generations can enjoy.

Corner of The Earth

This Bossa Nova written by Jay Kay himself and Rob Harris is a poem to nature. Jamiroquai’s take on life is philosophical and appreciative of the little things. Tapping in a spiritual rendezvous this song was made for the now growing new age population.


If your name is Carla, you are in luck. How many songs out there are made for this name of Italian origins. This funk beat is contagious and its best to hear it loud with some high quality headphones. The lyrics have a romantic vibe to it, whoever Carla is she seems to be of particular affection to Jay Kay, yet is not dedicated for a lover but rather Jay Kay’s daughter. But that shouldn’t stop you from dedicating it to your significant other named Carla, she will surely swoon.

High Times

The jazz and funk cowboy has an experimental pop song in Traveling Without Moving, it talks about partying until sunrise with the aid of drugs, but points out the unnecessary use of it. The song was hugely criticized upon its release for its many abrupt cuts in melody and words, but what many fail to see is the song’s “cuts” represent the abrupt effects drugs can have in time perception and balance. Paranoia is mentioned repetitively, again echoing drug usage. The chorus is the best part of the song that remains not so experimental and its easier to follow, but if you ask me I think Jay Kay is a genius for going with this. If you ever danced through the night with the aid of any substance then this song is for you.

Drifting Along

A gem also from Traveling Without Moving, you can see Jay Kay’s reggae influence come afloat. Like most reggae Drifting Along is a wish upon a better and peaceful world.

Picture Of My Life

Although mostly known for his many upbeat songs, a true poet, Jay Kay with the help of Rob Harris and Toby Smith wrote this delicate tune. We know we are living in difficult times when we see people who seem to keep it together suddenly take their own lives. Such things are not a preference to talk about in modern society, but someone as deep as Jamiroquai makes sense of such destructive emotions, which aids into recovery. So if you are ever feeling down take a listen and a deep breath and keep going. PS Be ready for a surprise and keep listening at minute 4:13.

Seven Days In Sunny June

The chill song you need for the summer comes in Acid-Jazz form. “Drinkin’ wine and killin’ time…” is all we need. Motorcycles, soccer, pool action and another big hat, this time a Napoleon one, Jay Kay sure is the master of random fun.







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