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First Ever Ferry Comes to the Bronx!

gdcruz 2 years ago

The Bronx launched a ferry from Soundview pier Wednesday morning, marking another point on the wave of De Blasio’s new NYC Ferry Service. The new Bronx/Manhattan water route has been in the works for several months now as the pier was being updated. This follows new ferry service installations along the East River and the Rockaways. This is the first ferry of its kind on the continental borough, finally providing East Bronx residents an easy way of accessing Manhattan for the price of a subway ride.

This new route traverses between Clason Park, Soundview on the eastern shore of the Bronx, to Pier 11 in Manhattan near Wall Street. It has the potential to shorten the trip to and from work for some Bronxites, who would ordinarily need to engage in a Rube Goldberg style commute; from a bus to a train to another bus. For the uninitiated: the Soundview pier is slightly out of the way, and so bus shuttles have been added to help commuters get to it. The trip lasts roughly 45 minutes, with stops at 90th and 34th streets along the way. This new ferry is a long time coming, giving Bronxites better access to Manhattan and continuing the proposed development plans from de Blasio’s office.

Look out for a new line coming to the Lower East Side on August 29th, which will leave Pier 11 and end up at the Long Island City pier. It’s not entirely clear how effective these new mass transit water ways will be, but it’s an interesting and novel addition to traveling in NYC.

(Cover image via ferry.nyc)

Gil Cruz

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