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Budding Stars: 24Hrs

zackw 2 years ago

For almost a year, nobody knew who 24Hrs was. Under the moniker of 24Hrs, Robert Davis was dropping loosely flowing tracks covered by unforgettable R&B-influenced hooks that caught national attention. When it was finally revealed who 24Hrs was, it was a major shock to most. 24Hrs is a rapper previously known as Rolls Royce Rizzy. This was so surprising mainly due to the discrepancy in styles between Royce Rizzy and 24Hrs. Royce Rizzy was known for his guttural street raps while 24Hrs is known for mastering high-pitched autotune melodies. The other surprise is that 24Hrs is the brother of fellow rapper, MadeinTYO. Born in California, 24Hrs moved to Atlanta to pursue his music career where he later founded the Private Club Records label. Garnering millions of views on SoundCloud, it is clear that 24Hrs is a volcano waiting to erupt. It’s only a matter of time. Check out some of his tracks below:


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