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Cheese-ception: Mozzarella, Stracciatella, Burrata

zackw 2 years ago

Mozzarella is an Italian staple. It can be utilized in almost every dish imaginable and is quite delectable on its own or with tomatoes. It is practically worshipped throughout Italy. But what people don’t know is the role mozzarella plays in birthing two of the other most beautiful cheeses the world has ever known: stracciatella and burrata. These two cheeses are often confused with each other because most people don’t really know what they are made out of. They just know that they are probably related, and have varying consistencies. All people, however, know how incredibly delicious stracciatella and burrata are!

Fresh mozzarella                                                                                     (Image via seriouseats.com)

Simply put, stracciatella is the stuff inside of burrata. But, that “stuff” is deliciousness and creaminess on a supreme level. Stracciatella is the delicate, stringy curd and cream. It’s what is used to make the mozzarella. In Italian, the name “stracciatella” actually translates to “torn apart.” It can either be made leaving fresh strands of mozzarella saturated in fresh cream or thickening the fresh cream with strands of mozzarella can make it. Either way, you get the mouth-wateringly creamy half-child of mozzarella.

Stracciatella with olive oil                                                                         (Image via washingtonpost.com)

With burrata, shit gets pretty crazy. But don’t be scared. You have to trust the process. In order to make burrata, you must take some fresh mozzarella and mold it into a pouch. With a nice shape, you then fill the pouch with… stracciatella! This is the ultimate cheese-ception! You have stracciatella, which is mozzarella and cream. Then, you have that stuffed into fresh mozzarella. And what do you get? A whole new cheese called burrata. It makes for lip smacking videos of oozing, creamy, goodness. Whoever invented burrata must have known the viral sensation breaking it with a fork would become on Instagram! Peep the Instagram account @burratagram for ooey gooey videos!

Burrata accompanied by prosciutto                                      (Image via sashasfinefoods.com)



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