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The ‘Chopped’ of Music

leela-poma 2 years ago

Behind every singer, there’s a great producer. Producers are the core of every musician’s big production. All your favorite songs by stars such as Drake or Rihanna had a producer involved. What does a producer do exactly? Their process, unknown to many, is partly shared with the world. Thanks to Rhythm Roulette we can be entertained while we watch more in depth how producers create some sick beats on the spot.

Producing takes a vast curiosity and uncritical ears. Taking it all in and brutally editing most of the ‘noise’ can be hard work. While a producer can have a concept in mind and create exactly what he/she envisions, other times they might randomly hear a sound that either, compliments what they’ve been working on, or incinerates a whole new idea. Furthermore, producers are bound to have different processes and approaches, some even unique that lead to the culmination of crowd mesmerizing sound concepts.

Chopping Beats

Rhythm Roulette is like the Chopped of music producers. It consists of 4 rules: find record store, blind-fold producer, pick 3 random records and make a sampling beat.

Very much like the cooking show, randomness is the key element in this playful beat making. Coming up with a great beat is no easy task. Participants of the Roulette are not pinned against each other, unlike Chopped. Yet, that could be an interesting spectacle. Some producers stumble upon unforgiving records and the participants show much frustration at times, which can even be hard to watch. Others are mellow and secure of themselves, making the best they can.

The Cooking

If one can taste different food and match flavors, how does one do so with music? Watching the process is the closest we can get to the minds of today’s biggest music alchemists. At the end of each show, which on average lasts 10 minutes, the credits roll along the sampling beat that the DJ/Producer put together. Putting the biggest music producers on the spot shows a whole new aspect of their skills. Among the featured beat kickers, you may watch DJ Mr. Rogers, Just Blaze, DJ Jazzy, Mac Miller, Tom Misch and many others. Some producers add guitar sounds they compose themselves on the spot and among their favorite tools we see many synthesizers. The results of the show are often remarkable.

Mass Appeal

If you are a music geek, wondering in a forest of new sounds looking for your next favorite song or instrumentals, this show might be just for you. Mass Appeal, which stamps every episode of Rhythm Roulette, founded primarily as a graffiti fanzine since 1996 has made its way in the music scene with productions like this and even developed in the most recent years into a Record Label and Creative Agency. Feeding for years a music thirsty crowd, the growth of Mass Appeal has been parent to thought provoking content. Their creation Rhythm Roulette some may say can be even educational and inspiring to those dipping their feet in the field.

You can watch Rhythm Roulette on Youtube, below one of their most recent videos:



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