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5 Bizarre Political Paintings By Jim Carrey

Gil Cruz Aug 8

Canadian-born comic superstar Jim Carrey has made an impression in the last few years with his off the wall comments and obviously fragmented psychology. What few people tend to realize is that Carrey is a consummate artist, with a massive portfolio of visual art, who has recently turned his attention on the most powerful office in America. While Carrey has previously made headlines by the merest mention of his artwork, the most recent of his paintings have gone “beyond personality, beyond invention in disguise”. Most are incredibly detailed interpretations of scorching-hot current events; it makes one wonder how Carrey managed to paint them while producing his new Showtime series Kidding. Few of the paintings bear formal titles, but instead come with comedic elucidations and links to vote.gov. While a great majority of the paintings are impressionistically crude, and the characters depicted in them are harshly rendered, each piece bears with it a unique brand of comedy familiar to those who have followed the beloved actor. Here are 5 of Jim Carrey’s most bizarrely poignant paintings (in no particular order).


In this homage to Dr. Seuss, Carrey depicts President Trump as the main antagonist in The Sneetches. In it, Sylvester McMonkey McBean scams ordinary Sneetches by selling them green stars, which are indicative of the Sneetch aristocracy. Notice Carrey’s incredible recreation of Seuss’ style.


In this saintly depiction of US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Carrey shares his appreciation. Rosenstein was responsible for a controversial memo which was used to support Jeff Session’s firing of former FBI head James Comey, but he also personally directed Robert Muller to begin what is now referred to as the Trump/Russia investigation.


Here Jim Carrey attacks Info Wars host Alex Jones as ridiculous, literally depicting him as one of the Three Stooges. Carrey couldn’t know what would happen a week later—where Jones’ controversial show was ripped from Apple, Facebook, and Youtube—but it only serves to prove that he has gone beyond his temporal form and become a part of the “field of energy dancing for itself”.


You might remember some time back during the 2016 presidential race that Trump chose to make fun of Arizona Senator, and Vietnam POW, John McCain, or, like many others, you may have repressed the memories of those traumatic months. Either way, Carrey reflects Trump’s horrible comments about a loyal public servant onto Jesus Christ himself in this blunt illustration.


Carrey’s most recent portrait also happens to be my personal favorite. It’s a whimsical painting of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller clenching a squeeze toy which bears an uncanny resemblance to the 45th President of the United States; I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. The caption is representative of a growing optimism on the left that Mueller’s investigation will lead to the eventual impeachment of Trump and the imprisonment of his cabal of co-conspirators.

You can find the rest of Jim Carrey’s gallery on his twitter account.

Gil Cruz

Gil is a writer, gamer, and student. When he isn't thinking about D&D, preparing for it, or playing it, he likes to watch movies and spend time with his cat, Mala. He'll seek his Master's in English at Fordham University in the Fall.

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