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Simple Steps to Stay Vibrant When You Are Feeling Old


Staying vibrant can be difficult if you are feeling old. You get up, look yourself in the mirror just to discover a new wrinkle underneath your eye. You think- DARN. I’m getting old!


You party all night, wake up in the morning, splash some water on your face and go to work- Fully dismissing dissecting every inch of your face.

Why the differences of the same scenario- you ask? The answer is simple. In the latter you’re 20 with not a care in the world.

We have all been there. Youth, beauty, health are all things that we seek and in our world of superficial and at times unrealistic expectations, how are we expected to age gracefully or to accept aging at all?

Forget superficiality: Botox, injections, surgeries, expensive nutritionists or live-in food gurus!

And let’s examine REAL, healthy alternatives that can truly keep you looking vibrant long term.

  1. First of all – Stay positive! Promise yourself that each and every day you will vow to work on yourself to maintain a positive attitude! Feeling good about yourself goes a LOOONG way! And will most definitely keep you looking youthful!
  2. Do not stress! Stress is the #1 cause of aging!
  3. Daily regiments! Everybody has their own, so follow what works for you and stay with it.
  4. Don’t forget to take that make up off at night! Tired or not after a long day, your skin needs to rest as well.
  5. I know you heard this one before, but please, PLEASE drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is the no1 cause of unhealthy looking skin and aging.
  6. Throw away the vices: our bodies are machines that unfortunately register time. Say no to smoking and limit alcohol consumption, just look at JLO.
  7. Have a healthy sexual life. Yes! That does make a difference.
  8. Love yourself, pamper yourself once in a while. Go to that Spa, go on a holistic retreat- BE your own guru.
  9. Avoid sunbathing your face often. While the Vitamin D we get from the sun can be very beneficial, long exposure to the sun rays are not in our best interest for our skin. The face is the most fragile part of the body!
  10. “Good” genes or not, we should embrace what nature gave us! So, enjoy!


Stay positive, work on yourself and your goals!



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