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Why should you be open to love?


    Whoever said finding love is easy? Just think about it! People have countless encounters in our metropolis of a city. They meet, they talk, they part and only every so often they experience that “aha” moment, that “this is something special” moment- where the first date turns out to be not -half- bad followed by a second and even better third.

No sugar-coating here! Finding love is not easy, but it’s doable! So, let’s talk about why so many people are still not finding “it”. Why are there more skeptics than romantics? Fifty times less believers than doubters? And what if “finding love” is in fact a plausible possibility if only we approach it with openness and positivity rather than closed mindedness and entrapment.

Fate. Destiny. Predetermination. You’ve heard all these terms countless times in novels, perhaps gossiping with your friends at a young age- dreaming about “the one“. And like most, through life experiences, trials and tribulations and some disappointment along the way, you probably learned to be skeptical. I don’t blame you! Belief in itself is hard to grasp, believing in the abstract is therefore a gruesome task.

If someone tells you right now that Fate and The One do exist, you’ll likely laugh it off and move on to the next phase of your life, am I right?

Skepticism is almost unavoidable in us as human beings, but its essential that we do our best to let it go, to become free and open to all possibility, no matter how outlandish it may seem.

Whether you read about the concept of a soulmate, twin flame or the lesser known East Asian proverb of the red string (that binds one person to another no matter the time, place or circumstance), these ideas all have one thing in common. They are based on something invisible that can only transpire through belief.

In no way am I suggesting that you should blindly believe and dedicate your life to any one of the above mentioned notions. However, next time you become skeptical, decide to stay home instead of putting yourself out there or reject that guy because he sounded too nice on the phone – just give it a chance!

You never know how that outing, that random meeting or that conversation will turn out!


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