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TV Series Review: The Affair


    The Affair, a TV Drama series that first premiered back in 2014 on Showtime, has become an instant success due to its intricate plot details, a drama filled storyline, accompanied by complex character development. With stellar reviews and currently in it’s Fourth Season The Affair is definitely a show to take notice and follow.

    Created by Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi, this award winning psychological drama was nominated and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series back in 2015. WIth a headline of award winning actors (Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson), two of which received a Golden Globe for their portrayals of characters for this series. Ruth Wilson was nominated and won Best Actress in a TV Series for her exquisite portrayal of the lover –  Alison Lockhart during the 72nd Golden Globe (2015). Subsequently, Maura Tierney followed in her footsteps, as she won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Helen Solloway, the abandoned wife of Noah Solloway (2016).

    Yes. One might say it is a reoccurring and never ending theme of an affair between two individuals who find themselves entrapped in love, lust and desire. Both being married, Noah (played by Dominic West), is a teacher and upcoming writer who struggles with writing his second book and has been supported during the majority of his adult life by his wealthy father- in- law. Alison, also a married woman, is a waitress/former nurse who is in personal turmoil over a lost child. Both of their marriages are not at the best phases of their life. They meet, they are infatuated and they cross the line of conventional faithfulness.

    The setting is in Montauk, LI where Noah goes to vacation with his family for the summer, and as the summer winds down so should this romance. However, as the viewers will discover, the two lovers will cross paths over and over and will go into a full fledged affair from LI to Brooklyn (where  Noah resides with his wife and 4 children).

    Turmoil, passion, disappointment, regret, drama awaits the audience as well as the development of this twisted storyline. And in the midst of it all is a murder case in which all the characters find themselves involved in, in one way or another. Each episode is heart drenching, full of adrenaline with plenty of explicit lust scenes that intensify the plot.

     The director’s choice to include both Noah’s and Alison’s recollection of events and to split the episode into these two views, is an extremely smart, methodical and unique approach to montage and filmmaking. The viewers are left with two substantially different perspectives: the way Noah views the world – full of lust, a portrayal of the sexual forward going Alison, and Alison’s recollection of events- that of a more timid, reserved and emotional girl. As the season’s go on, the viewpoints of spouses are brought in as well to intensify the story line and to offer a full, 360 degree build up. The viewer finds himself living through each character’s life and the way key events shape them.

The Affair is certainly a show you will not be able to let go. It will challenge you to think about the emotional rollercoaster we as human beings go through, and to think about the perceptions of right and wrong. Not everything is as it seems, and those that are considered the victims may very well  quite be the opposite.

“The Affair”
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