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We Owe Quentin Miller An Apology

zackw 2 years ago

Do you remember Quentin Miller? The Nike-obessed rapper Meek Mill accused of ghostwriting for Drake in 2015? The heart of the rap beef that formed between the two superstars? Unfortunately, this was the most limelight the rapper from the Northside of Atlanta has ever seen. But if he is good enough to help Drake write lyrics, why is he still struggling? Quentin Miller has an array of great music, but he fails to push himself into the hip-hop realm as a notable artist. Unfortunately, it appears as if the weight of being the pawn used in the Drake and Meek Mill beef has a lasting stain on his reputation. He isn’t known as his own artist. He is known only as “Drake’s ghostwriter,” and that hurts him severely. But it’s our fault. We did this to him. Even when you type in Quentin Miller’s name on Google, the third picture is Drake and the fourth picture is Meek Mill. It’s unclear whether or not Quentin will ever be able to be successful as himself as the power that Drake’s name holds when attached to Quentin may be too great.

Quentin Miller found himself in the spotlight once again, more recently concerning the Drake and Pusha T beef. In response, Quentin released his own track titled, Destiny (Freestyle), which underlines his feelings on his situation. He can be heard pleading at the end of the song:

“You know I’m more than just a prop, or a pawn. I’m a person too, you know? I didn’t ask for none of this. F**k this s**t, man.”

You have to feel bad for the guy. On top of all of this, he needed his leg amputated after a car crash. He just wants to make music that’s appreciated; music that allows people to see past his previous interactions with Drake that now define his career. It seems almost impossible right now, and he deserves to catch a break. It’s been 3 years… Will he ever be able to escape this type of attention?

That being said, Quentin Miller produces some amazing music. And the truth of the matter is that if Drake sang these songs, they would all be Billboard hits. Quentin just dropped an album titled Q.M. and the standout track, Bank!!!, showcases how Quentin can snap on a hard beat. Take a peek below for a few Quentin Miller essentials:


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