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Your Daily Dope Dealer: Délicieuse Musique

leela-poma 2 years ago

Your music list just expanded.

Music source Délicieuse Musique, if you haven’t heard of it yet, is a Youtube channel that curates and showcases electronic, house, lounge, pop, hip hop and disco music. Appealing minimal animation or images accompany the music to their videos, all with a stamp of its curator Délicieuse.

But Délicieuse Musique is more than that. In their website you can find exclusive releases and Ad free playlists  classified under moods such as “happy” and “cool”.

“Your Daily Dope Dealer” as they like to identify themselves is all over social media: Instagram, Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify and Twitter. If you want to familiarize yourself with the music they share, I recommend following their Soundcloud where they describe the tunes and their makers.

The association Délicieuse showcases music hardly heard on popular radio, with a big following in France and a strong following from the rest of the world, Délicieuse Musique feeds to an audience hardly visible in the mainstream media. The curators also host events in France that became wildly popular among electronic music lovers, hopefully they will expand to other big cities such as New York.

To those on the fringe spectrum of music, ready for more beats to fire up their feet; Délicieuse is in the constant search down the rabbit hole of breezy, upbeat and dreamy beach vibe music. If you find yourself in a summer destination their playlist will hit the spot. Otherwise if you wish to be near the waves let their music collection take you there.

Below watch one of their most popular uploads on Youtube:



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