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Women Bored With Dating Apps

katerina-verdi 1 year ago

Dating. When is the last time you’ve gone on a date? Was it digital? Did you meet someone through Facebook, Tinder, POF (Plenty of Fish)?

I’ve talked to countless women who are perplexed, annoyed or have simply given up on the dating game. You’ve heard of some of the main dating apps: Tinder, known for it’s swipe right/ left convenience and a bit of superficiality; Coffee Meets Bagel, a traditional app that gives men the power to choose potential mates and women to respond, how 1950’s; OkCupid, a massive user base that presents some additional features, grouping individuals on their “flavor” interests. Also, let’s not forget about E-harmony, the first system to use the algorithmic method for a potential match. Although several matches have been made, women in general are simply bored.

Swiping right is just the beginning of thousands of women wasting their time. Out of 30 men you talked to, you decided to meet 3, only 1 was mature enough that you decided to meet again, but then he vanished because you were not a one night stand material or he didn’t meet your expectations in the end. And don’t get me started on harassment through dating apps women have to face while they are trying to find a match, which makes the experience even more disappointing.

Dating in general can be gruesome, especially in New York City. With a population of 8.5 million people and close to 24 hour workdays, finding the one, or even just the one for right now can be a challenge in itself.

I propose a different approach, revolutionary one might say. Switch off that app, delete your profile, go old school. Sign up for a Meetup (Meetup.com), that has nothing to do with dating or finding the one. Get out there and explore your passion. Go on a weekly running meet, or a language exchange, where you can showcase your skills, or a painting exhibition. Just get out there and meet like minded individuals. Even dating experts abide by this approach. Think about it, wouldn’t it be more romantic to say you met your partner in person than through an app? Do you really want to say something along the lines of: “40 years ago I swiped right”?





  1. Tanya July 18, 2018

    Ok so I just reAd this article . I swiped right couple of times . It was never worth it and I agree with u about just going out and meet those people . Lol . Online dating worked in couple of cases I know people got married and had kids but usually is like this: u expect a 6 , get a 9, then understand it was actually a 0.


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