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Whether you are visiting New York City or are a regular native in our neck of the woods- 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar (on the corner of 5th Ave and 27th St, right in the Flatiron District is the place to be this summer.

Flooded with both tourists and locals on any given weekend, this outdoor rooftop garden and fully enclosed Penthouse lounge invites a warm, fun atmosphere complemented by exquisite decorations and seating arrangements.

Above: Inside 230-Fifth Rooftop Bar

Upon your entry into the indoor penthouse, a large dance floor occupies the space. A full service bar along with plenty of seats to enjoy a short snack or one of the delicious cocktails from the bar is a welcoming sign in itself. The circular setup of tables and comfy futon chairs allows for mingling with current and new friends alike.

As an additional bonus, a large screen facing the area is ideal for the host of key broadcasting events such as the most recently FIFA World Cup.

The rooftop, undoubtedly the key feature of the spot, is reachable via a grand metallic stairwell.

As you enter the rooftop deck, you find yourself in outdoor paradise. WIth a full view of both the Empire State and Chrysler buildings at your fingertips, you can easily appreciate the grandeur of the city.

An outdoor bar is a fine complement to a range of seating arrangements. From traditional wooden benches, to more intimate tables, one is able to find a spot that feels comfortable in within an instance.

In the winter, and set to return again in November 2018, the Igloos are brought in to provide a heated and transparent space to enjoy the outside atmosphere during New York’s coldest months. The setup encourages meeting new people, as the igloo occupies a large space and is ideal for mingling. In addition, complementary red robes are offered to the guests to keep them warm while observing the Manhattan views or getting a cocktail.

230 Fifth is also ideal for hosting a party or a private event of your choosing, accommodating as many as 1,200 guests. Offering state of the art digital and audio equipment, a fully equipped dance floor, large screen projectors, podium and staging, this establishment can make any party the most memorable experience! With an array of dining options, the 230 Fifth staff is there to accommodate any need. You may choose from a prepaid platter available for 12-15 people to various dinner menus and birthday packages complemented with a range of bottle service options.

Open everyday from 2pm-close with a weekend buffet option during the hours of 10am-4pm and a weekday Happy hour (2-7pm), you are bound to find the perfect option for a relaxing atmosphere here to unwind.


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