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Budding Stars: Meet Squidnice

zackw 2 years ago

Waving a blue bandana and toting various firearms, one might assume that the dread-headed kid with the number “22” permanently inked onto his cheek is nothing more than a glorified gangbanger. But this is Squidnice. Put his love for the Crips and guns aside, and he is just like any other 21 year-old. He’s a fun-loving Staten Island native who is on his grind to push himself into the spotlight.

Squidnice got his name partly from the creativity of childhood name-calling. His friends used to tell him that he looked like a squid. He added the “nice” because he said he was nice at everything he did. Squid nice first garnered attention in 2015 when a photograph of him as a child went viral as the “If he’s 5, I’m 5” meme.

This opened the door for Squidnice in terms of modeling and he walked in the Hood By Air 2017 show as well as a show for the clothing brand, Carrots. Using this a momentum, Squidnice has to continued to propel his rap career. His latest project, The Craccen, feature the viral hits Trap by My Lonely and Everywhere I Go. He has managed to keep his head on straight while ignoring distractions and focusing on his craft. His music fuses a variation of drill music with catchy melodies that seem almost off beat in the best way possible. Never one to stick to the same flow, Squidnice keeps the listener intrigued and engaged. Check out his SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/squid22nice and watch his two most popular music videos below:



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