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Library Card gets you into Museums for Free!

gdcruz 2 years ago
Photo Credit: nypl.org

The New York Public Library has published a press release today on their site announcing the new Culture Pass functionality for your library card. Yes, that sticky, orange piece of plastic in your wallet is getting a second life. You’ll be able to “borrow” tickets to some of the most famous museums in the world for up to 4 people (depending on the location) using only your library card. The pass currently only gives you access to select museums, but they include all the biggest institutions in the city, and more are sure to join the program soon enough. Luckily for us, it seems like a simple process; although if you have a little extra money, and you’re looking for convenience, you should really support some of these great cultural institutions.

All you need to do is, firstly, have an NYPL card. If you lost yours, or haven’t had one for a long time, you can always get a new card, or renew your old one. You can do this in person at any Public Library in NYC, or you can mail in to have one delivered to you if you live outside the city. Next you just need to get through to the Culture Pass website and reserve tickets for the institution of your choice.The program has already garnered “significant interest” and so the website is experiencing technical issues. Once you finally have your tickets reserved, don’t forget to print them before you head out! Some of the great places you can visit once the program is fully accessible include The Intrepid, The Rubin Museum, and The Guggenheim. Another great location to visit is the Wave Hill Museum in Riverdale. It’s an excellent exemplar of the natural beauty which may be found in the Bronx.

Gil Cruz

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