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Cynthia Nixon Next in the City?

Gil Cruz Jul 7

Miranda Hobbs was a conservative lawyer in Sex in the City, the actor who portrayed her is anything but. Cynthia Nixon recently came out as a democratic socialist and has challenged two-term gubernatorial incumbent Andrew Cuomo at the election this November. Today, it was announced that Nixon has assured herself a position on the primary ballot for Governor with some 65,000 petition signatures. She has already received the Working Families Party nomination and has sought the nod from Democrats, but seems unlikely to receive it.

Though recent polls have her far behind Cuomo, Nixon says you shouldn’t count her out. This seems to cohere with reality, since just last month political newcomer, and democratic socialist Ocasio-Cortez rallied a huge base to support her in the 14th Congressional district in New York City at the 2018 Democratic primaries. Nixon attacks Cuomo on her campaign site, and pretty much anywhere else she can, for being too centrist and collaborating with special interests. “…if Washington is a swamp, then Albany is a cesspool” Nixon says as she draws a stark comparison between Cuomo and President Trump. “[Cuomo] promised to clean up Albany, but instead, he and his cronies have cleaned up for themselves. There’s a reason why people close to Cuomo keep winding up under indictment for corruption”.

These are strong words which seek to stir controversy and awaken a kind of sleeping dissatisfaction with the politically moderate status quo in NYC. And if any of this sounds familiar, it’s for good reason. Nixon is following in the wake of antiestablishment democrats like Bernie Sanders, Jesse Ventura, and Ben Jealous. But some people are not as fond of Nixon using the ‘socialist‘ moniker. Politico released an article yesterday on the leftist response to Nixon as some have suggested that she’s not actually a socialist. All the while, moderate democrats have voiced concerns that Nixon could draw enough support away from Cuomo to leave a republican sized vacuum just like 3rd party candidates were accused of doing in the 2016 presidential race.

Either way you view it, Nixon is a new face in politics who seeks to make huge, sudden changes to infrastructure, commerce, health insurance, drug laws, and, most of all, education. Expect to find her name this November on the Democratic primary ballot alongside Andrew Cuomo and Greg Waltman.

Gil Cruz

Gil is a writer, gamer, and student. When he isn't thinking about D&D, preparing for it, or playing it, he likes to watch movies and spend time with his cat, Mala. He'll seek his Master's in English at Fordham University in the Fall.

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