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Who Knew There Were Different Types of Horchata?

zackw 1 year ago

We all know horchata to be a staple of Mexican culture. Horchata de arroz, made from rice, is the variety we all know and enjoy. Often served at taquerias and other Mexican restaurants, horchata can be served hot during the winter or chilled with ice for those brutal summer days. However, other countries enjoy their own variations of the beloved beverage.


Horchata de Chufa

Widespread throughout Spain, horchata de chufa is made from ground and sweetened tiger nuts. Tiger nuts, a superfood, are used as a milk substitute for the lactose-intolerant. In Spain, horchata de chufa is served cold with a side of fartons, a sweet donut-like pastry.


Horchata de Melón

As evident by the name, horchata de melón is made out of ground melon seeds.


Ecuadorian Horchata

Horchata in Ecuador is completely different from what one would expect to see. Ecuadorian horchata is infused with 18 different herbs that result in the drink possessing a clear red color.

Photograph by Felipe Rivadeneira


Horchata de Morro

This is Salvadorean take on the classic drink. It uses gourd seeds as an alternate ingredient.


Semilla de Jicaro

This version of horchata is popular in Central America, specifically in Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvadore, and Nicaragua. Semilla de jicaro consists of jicaro seeds ground with rice and a variety of ingredients ranging from cinnamon and cocoa, to vanilla, sesame seeds, and nutmeg. Nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews and tiger nuts may also be included.


Horchata de Ajonjolí

Also called sesame horchata, horchata de ajonjolí is made with – you guessed it – ground sesame seeds! In Puerto Rico, this variation is made by boiling cinnamon sticks, vanilla, and sugar in water then pouring it over ground sesame seeds to sit overnight. After being strained, the mixture can be used in multiple ways depending on what the recipe calls for. Some call for lime zest, coconut milk, or even rum.


Which one is your favorite?


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