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Starstruck: Meeting your favorite Celeb


I Interviewed Celebrity Magnet and Astrologer Kendrick Greer and we talked about his close encounter with big stars including some of his favorites. Would you keep your cool? 


Is it a good idea to approach a celebrity?

I would say it depends on their status, if you are going to approach Eminem probably don’t. If you are going to approach the second place winner of American Next Top Model of 2014 then go for it. You gotta know how big their status is, and also know where they are. If its in a private restroom why not after they are done with their business. If its in a restaurant where they are eating with their fiancé, then don’t.


How many celebrities have you met?

I met at least a 100, and that goes from A list to B list to D list.


How many A list have you met approximately?

I met at least 20


Do you get nervous?

I’ve been nervous with probably 3 or 4 celebrities. Julianne Moore, I don’t know what it is about her, but I’ve seen her at least 7 times but I would never go up to her and bother her never. I’ve been nervous with Kate Winslet, Fade Dunaway and that’s probably it.


Do you meet most of them at the same place?

Most of them I met while working in Chelsea at the Half King restaurant, being a host or a manager because I worked there for 8 years.


Do you remember which was the first celebrity that you met?

I do, in fact it was the first person I met in New York. The only and only Daryl Hannah, actually it happened within the first hour. I got off the U-haul van, and had to ran over the store across the street to send a fax to my dad, and there was Daryl Hannah wearing a hat. I said hi Miss Hannah, can I have your signature? She didn’t look at me but did give me her signature.


Do you approach all the celebrities the same way?

Oh my God no, it depends on what type of celebrity they are, whether they are a singer or actor. It was easier for me to meet actors, because I saw them more. I’m pretty good at reading people and so if they seem cool I would approach them. If I see they are a little stand offish or a little shy is not as easy. Is like a normal person, I read their energy first.

When I met Kate Winslet I can’t be casual with her, I never had a conversation with her I just took her order. I met Drew Barrymore and it was so easy to talk to her, I spent a week with her, because my boss is not only a bar owner but also a movie director, she directed the movie “Going the distance” with Drew. I thought it would be intimidating to talk to Drew but she was just so cool and so pleasant.


What is usually the first thing you say?

I kinda have a script: “Hi I’m so sorry to bother you but I’m such a big fan and I was wondering if I can please can your signature”. Another one is when I go in really super fan mode but not annoyingly and I go: “Oh my God Oh my God is so nice to meet you”.


Have any of them been rude to you?

I would say 90% of them have been caring and giving and surprising. Some of them have been a little dry not rude. Everytime I met Will Ferrel, surprisingly he’s not festive or funny just dry.


Which one was your favorite so far?

Besides Shia LaBeouf, in terms of the nicest or coolest was probably Mary-Louise Parker. It was about her energy, I could tell she was amazing and big hearted. She’s the lead actress of Weeds and she was so sweet and did this little flirty thing with me, she’s a big star and for her to give me this little wink made her my favorite and I loved it.


Do you keep in touch with any of them?

No, but I’ve seen many of them multiple times. I saw the Dixie Chicks many times and I got a cap from their assistant.


Do you ever buy them drinks?

I’ve never have treated celebrities any different from how I would treat you or a stranger on the street. I actually think they respect you more if you treat them normally. They are fucking celebrities, get the fuck out of here!


Have you had any bad experience or did something happen that went horribly wrong?

Kate Winslet came in a couple of times and I know I fucked up her order maybe once or twice. I felt she was the most stuck up celebrity I’ve ever met. She was not disrespectful but she never looked at me in my eye, and every celebrity I’ve ever met looked at me in the eye. She was a little bit prudish in the sense that she wiped off her cutlery with her napkin, she seemed very regal and not too social.


Is it better to talk to them as a fan or as a regular person?

I think is better to talk to them as a regular person. I try to treat them like regular people, except when I’m starstruck.


Have any of them shared anything intimate with you?

No celebrity has shared something too intimate with me, but I’m an astrologer so I know 80% of their signs, and I will say that when I met Shannen Doherty she went on to this thing about her husband and she opened up with me.


Who would you like to meet that you haven’t met?

I’ve seen Toni Braxton, but I haven’t met her. I had a big crush on Shia LeBouf and I met him so that was a big deal for me.

Kendrick do you think you are a celebrity magnet?

I think I’m a people magnet, and celebrities are people just like everyone else. So that’s why I can talk to them.


Do you think you would like to be a celebrity?

Wow, we are getting deep now. When I was younger I thought that I wanted to be a celebrity.  When I say younger that’s like 3 years ago, but over the past couple years I don’t feel the need to be a celebrity or well known. As long as I do what I want to do and as long as I’m happy. I’m actually a celebrity in my own way because of being in New York and knowing certain people and because I worked in certain neighborhoods. I’m a celebrity in terms of my friends.

I can’t imagine being a real celebrity, as big and as awesome as that can be and all the benefits that come with it, I think being a regular person is more special.

As long as you have someone that looks at you as being a celebrity or a loved one that loves you as being a celebrity that’s what matters the most.

And you can be a celebrity in anything that you do, whether you work for MTA or MTV or a burger place, you can be a celebrity in your surroundings in your neck of the woods and that’s all that matters, and you don’t even need to do any of that shit, as long as you are a celebrity in your own head and in your own heart. Fuck what anyone else thinks about you, or knows about you, is about what you know about yourself. As long as I’m a celebrity to myself that’s what matters the most.


Thank you Kendrick

Thank you dear!







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