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People Are Being Extra On Twitter With The Hashtag #LuisMiguelLaSerie


Luis Miguel: La Serie has taken the singer’s fans through a nostalgia trip and gained new fans for “Mickey” (as his friends and family call him) of new generations. The singer has always fought to keep his privacy, but much is revealed now in the Netflix series that has the public raving over the new show.

Among peak moments of the series so far we witness the singer’s first heartbreak after Mariana presumably cheated on Luis Miguel with her ex. Many fans affirm that after finding out details of the story the song “Culpable o No (Mienteme Como Siempre)” takes a deeper meaning and becomes even more relatable than before. Who here has been heartbroken??…

We also see how Luis Rey pushes his son Luis Miguel to excruciating long work hours in his goal to have him become a big star, gives him the name “El Sol De Mexico” and lies to the public about Luis Miguel’s birthplace affirming he’s originally from Mexico. There’s a great shirt going around with the caption “Te Odio Luisito Rey”.

The singer after years has finally agreed to let people in on what his life was while he was on the rise as one of the biggest stars of Mexico, it is said that the Netflix series has revived his career and his latest concerts have been sold out.

There’s much discussion going on the web about the series. The hashtag #LuisMiguelLaSerie has taken over twitter in the past weeks, here are some of the most extra ones:

Marcela being Boss.

I knew it.

Where do they sell it?! Here actually.



Uhmmm, I’ll get back to you later….

Again, I knew it.

This could be us but you don’t text me back.

What is this liquid coming out of my eyes?

Calls Mom*

I don’t know you.

When your crush is vegan.

Good luck charm.

I want Tequila.

Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop…

The last episode streams this weekend. Are you ready?


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