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Hands Down The Best Ice Cream In NYC

leela-poma 2 years ago

Mexican food has been popular for as long as any of us can remember and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. But there’s a whole new world of Mexican food that we have yet to discover. In Mexico sweets are very special, from candy to cake, paletas and ice cream there’s a whole array of flavors many of us haven’t had the chance yet to taste. If you have a sweet tooth this post is for you.

La Newyorkina is my favorite Ice Cream place in all of NYC. They have Ice Cream flavors you wont find anywhere else, like Tres Leches Ice Cream and Horchata, not to mention the toppings to choose from like Spicy candied mango or Puffed Amaranth.

Paletas for every taste bud.

They also have perhaps the best avocado Ice Cream in NYC. Avocado is immensely popular and sometimes expensive going for 2 for $5 in NYC and although avocado Ice cream has been around for a while, most of us when we think of avocados we picture savory food, and of course we always pay extra for it. But in some places like Brazil avocado is only eaten as a dessert by simply adding some sugar on top. It’s 2018 and it’s time to mix it up people.

Mexican entrepreneur and Pastry Chef Fany Gerson has been bringing to NYC the best Ice Cream in town, lets be honest we have eaten too much pistachio and smore’s Ice Cream by now, Ice Cream topped with the same candy of different colors and or simply presented into different shapes like roses or rolls… the truth is that for Ice Cream, taste is everything.

Fany has taken the exquisite unique flavors found in Mexican drinks and desserts and put it into one universal all time favorite: Ice Cream. Things that we rarely see incorporated into dessert such as salt, herbs and flowers create a balanced melody of flavors. Paletas are also available for those who need a dairy free option, Spicy Mango paletas are the popsicle you didn’t know you needed (but don’t call it a popsicle…).

Fany also has an amazing book with Paletas recipes if you are an adventurous chef ready to try out new dulces.

If you find yourself in need of some Ice Cream, Paletas or Chamoyadas make your way to the West Village at 240 Sullivan St. and treat yourself. Mexican cuisine is sweeter than you think.





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