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What You Really Need To Know About Juicing and Blending


There are a lot of ways to be healthy, juicing and blending have been popular in the recent years. When it comes to healthy eating, keeping things natural and organic already makes a big difference, for those who don’t enjoy eating vegetables blending has been a go to. Juicing and blending also make for a fast way to consume nutrients and fibers for those with a hectic schedule. But before going forward is important to note the huge difference between juicing and blending: A juicer will extract the fiber parts of fruits and veggies leaving you with micronutrients, while blending will keep everything the ingredients have to offer.

Juicing And Blending Today

Many have added blending and juicing to their regular diets and some make it a main meal, others even have gone to the length of doing a cleanse based on juicing or blending alone.

Though cleanses became popular for a while, it came to light that there are some risky side effects, some even life threatening. Adding juices and smoothies in your regular diet should do no harm, after all is probably healthier than accompanying your drinks with soda right? But that’s not always the case.

Juicing in a Nutshell

Juices alone contain a lot of sugar, even if its natural, it can often lead to developing diabetes, researchers have found that juice enables the sugar in fruits to run through the bloodstream much faster than when eating fruits. Specialist affirm that using veggies instead of fruits for juicing make it much healthier since veggies often have low or no sugar at all. When juicing, green juice is the way to go.

Why Blending is Better Than Juicing

A healthier option to juicing is blending, since it contains all the fiber and nutrients in the vegetables and fruits. Depending on what you are looking to achieve in your health program you can add a variety of ingredients to your blending such as chia seeds, kale, avocados, raw coconut nectar, etc. But if your goal is to lose weight is very important to check on the calories. A smoothie can contain many calories, which is why a smoothie is meant to replace a meal instead of accompanying one. Yet depending on how many calories you burn in a day, if you work out for long hours you could have a smoothie as an after workout drink. This is when calorie counting comes in handy. And again making your smoothie with mostly or just veggies will make it more beneficial.


A blender is all you need to make delicious and healthy smoothies; to which you can add almost anything. But not all blenders will be as effective. Many blenders today cost between twenty to a hundred dollars, but if you are planning to make smoothies part of your health regimen we recommend blenders that will last and endure through time and also blend tough ingredients you might want to add.

The blender by excellence nowadays is “Vitamix”, it will blend the toughest ingredients and even the smallest such a seeds, making it an all around drinkable and delicious experience. Though a little pricey the Vitamix is considered by many chefs and other professionals as an investment and the heart of their businesses. With this blender you can even make your own peanut butter, just add peanuts and nothing else.

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Here’s a video detailing everything that the “Vitamix” can do:

Doctor Recommended

While doctors recommend actually eating the fruits and vegetables rather than juicing or blending them, they also affirm is better to drink them than to not have them at all and miss out on all the nutrients and fiber. And if you like to cook and create new recipes the “Vitamix” will provide many options for the blending enthusiast.

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