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Top Gadgets of 2017

Leela Poma Dec 12

Every year there is exciting advancements in the world of technology, our apps are constantly upgrading, computer software and hardware grow more complex yet smaller and easier to use. More gadgets have become voice activated, smaller, and easier to take with us almost anywhere. Here are the top gadgets of 2017 that stand out among the crowd.

18. Garmin VivoSmart 3

It is the latest technology in fitness wristbands. GarminĀ  keeps track of your laps and rep counts as you exercise. You can connect it to your phone and it comes with additional smart features such as suggesting breathing exercises when you are stressed to keep you calm or simply suggest that is time for a cup of coffee or fresh juice.

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17. Fuse Chicken Titan Cable

If you are tired of your charging cable breaking so often here’s a durable option. This cable is resistant to almost anything, even your pet won’t be able to chew it away. This is the toughest cable on Earth.

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16. Amazon Kindle Oasis E-Reader

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is waterproof, you can read it anywhere including the bathtub. It’s designed to look like paper so no glare with get in the way of a quiet reading. You can also pair it with Bluetooth and a single charge will last for weeks.

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15. Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel

This Racing Wheel is the most realistic yet. It has easy access game controls, a leather grip and helical gearing. It’s compatible with Playstation 3 & 4, and PC. There is also an Xbox One compatible version.

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14. Netgear Orbi

This WIFI system is one of the best so far. It covers up to 7000 sq. feet and offers high performance. It works by placing a few satellites around the house and the main router in the center, letting you scale it to your WIFI needs. It is bigger than other brands but it’s the fastest yet.

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13. Piper Computer-Building Kit

Learning takes a whole new meaning with this kit. The future still lies in computers and with the Piper Computer-Building Kit your kids can learn to build one the easy way, they will be experts in no time.

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12. Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roku not only has the largest amount of cable and cable on demand apps it also features 4k programs. Give your TV the upgrade it deserves.

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11. Dyson SuperSonic HairDryer

Dyson is very popular mostly because of their vacuum cleaners, now they have given us the ultimate hairdryer. It contains a digital motor, which makes the dryer small in size for a more accurate approach. It also has added blades to diminish loud noises.

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10. Google Pixel 2

When it comes to phones part of the big competition lies on picture quality, Google Pixel 2 is the best one yet. It also has a minimalistic design, making it user friendly without all the complications of today’s smartphones.

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9. Snap Spectacles

There’s now an easier way to share your stories on one of your favorite apps. These spectacles created for Snapchat record your videos and share it instantly to your Snap. Live in the moment and let the spectacles do the work!

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8. Apple Iphone X

Apple has always been on the top of most desired smartphones, this year the Iphone X made its debut. At first glance we can see it has a bigger screen size while maintaining its lovable compact size. The newest feature for the Iphone is the face recognition, which despite some security concerns lets us take advantage of apps like Snapchat for a more accurate rendering. In addition you can charge your phone wirelessly and it is water resistant, a much awaited feature.

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7. Anker PowerCore Plus 26800

Power banks became a necessity for our smartphones ever since they were too advanced for their own good. This power bank is not only the fastest charging tool but it can also contain a lot of power to charge up to 9 iphone’s 6.

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6. Apple Watch 3

The latest Apple Watch finally lets you leave your phone behind. It supports LTE allowing you to receive calls even if your phone is out of range. The Apple Watch 3 is also waterproof, wear it while taking a bath or by the pool. If you are out for a quick run or you simply want to travel light the Apple Watch 3 is for you.

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5. Sony Xperia Touch

With this projector there’s no need to tinker with your device anymore. Any projection turns into a touch screen, this is really looking into the future of household items. Although pricey it will come in handy, project video games, movies, recipes and more.

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4. Panasonic Lumix GH5

This amazing camera features 4K video capacity, among other outstanding specifications image stabilization is upgraded like no other in the competition. A great camera for professional shooting.

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3. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

The new Echo comes in a variety of elegant designs. Its a powerful speaker that delivers quality sounds to a whole room, it can connect to other speakers in the house and play the same tunes. It also acts as an assistant, ask Alexa to remind you of errands and even connect her to lighting in your house to be activated all by voice. The second generation comes at a smaller size for a compact fitting anywhere in your house.

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2. Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo is the perfect Pet Robot for kids and even adults. Cozmo is the first AI pet robot, critics have described him as the robot with the best personality, he’s very playful and very smart. The more you interact with Cozmo the smarter he gets. He comes with cubes designed for Cozmo and you to play with in competition. You can also connect him to your devices to create new games and set up different phrases for him to say at will.

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1. Nintendo Switch

Now you can play with your friends anywhere with Nintendo Switch. It comes with two controllers to let your buddy join in the fun. Non-Nintendo games are coming out available for the travel friendly console and more streaming options are coming our way.

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